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                                        Book a Visit with Patricia May 

                                      Author, Speaker, Teacher

                                               "Five to Thrive"                                         

                     (5 Mindful practices, 5 Minutes, Maximum Results)


30 min. presentation - $100.00

*Teachers receive free book, seashell and music download.


  Creating and writing books for kids, teens and adults is my passion. Inspiring others to use their imaginations is my goal.

  In this 30 minute presentation, I have put together powerful messages of inspiration, creativity and motivation using an exercise called, "Five to Thrive" from my book, "Find Your Amazing Self."

  Involving the group in this exercise encourages the participants to become mindful of their present moment, use their imaginations, feel emotions and create a life full of dreams and desires. With the five minute background music made just for this exercise, each sixty-second interval prompts us to flow into the next practice effortlessly and seamlessly. 

  Making "Five to Thrive" a part of a daily routine expands the mind, body and soul, offering new adventures and exciting moments throughout each day.The more we use this practice, the better the results. "Five to Thrive" is made to fit into everyone's busy schedule.

  To set up a time for this presentation, I can be reached anytime through my "contact page" 

  I will send out agreement and book order forms before the day of the presentation. 

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