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While attending the "I Can Do It" seminar in Denver, Colorado, Patricia and her family participated in a davidji meditation workshop along with another thousand or so people. The experience was so profound and meaningful to Patricia and her family, that upon leaving the class, the discussions began. Patricia's desire, her husband's seashell idea, and her daughter's input started the journey to create a way to help kids find the self confidence, self esteem and self-love they truly yearn for. Born from this inspiration came Seashell Meditations, Books that Inspire a Kids Imagination and Patricia's Mindful Coaching practice. Teachers, Life Coaches, parents, schools, special ed. and various groups now use these practices from the books to help kids find the calm peaceful and quiet mind space to help create the happiest day making it a positive and fulfilling experience. 

Watch the TV interview introducing the new books!

2015 Hay House radio show interview with davidji.

2016 Hay House "I Can Do It" seminar book signing. 

Reading for kids yoga group.

Reading and doing a Seashell Meditation to over 200 kids in elementary school grades 1-6 grade.

Kids in Haiti enjoying having

Seashell Meditation books

read to them. 


Certified Life Coach 

Wed Night Live! Author Patricia May of Seashell Meditations



Certified Meditation

Teachers Certificate

Five Star

Readers Favorite

Under The Sea received the

  Five Start Readers Award

Introducing Seashell Meditations to 5 classes of first graders at Russell Ranch Ele. School. .

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